Re: Liberty vs. Extropy

Timothy Bates (
Wed, 26 May 1999 18:16:47 +1000

Elizabeth Childs decided to say:

> It's my understanding that no genetic link has ever been found for
> criminal behavior;

Only about 15 times by now. Adrian Raine has an approachable but impeccable account.

The Psychopathology Of Crime; Criminal Behavior As A Clinical Disorder, by Raine, Adrian, binding: trade, published: 06/1997, ISBN

David Lykken has useful things to say also The Antisocial Personalities, by Lykken, David T., binding: trade, published: 02/1995, ISBN: 0805819746.

> indeed, if there were, Australia wouldn't be one of the
> most law abiding nations in the world.

  1. The percentage of "criminal genes" in Australia is minutely different to that in most UK-derived countries. You are talking about some thousands of people, many not criminal, over a hundred years ago in a country which has more non-native citizens than (I understand) any other country.
  2. Abidance of Laws has to do with what laws you have, what laws you enforce, how you enforce them, and how easy it is to live without stealing (welfare). All of these need to be understood before one can make betweencountry comparisons with any meaningfulness.

>(Please correct me if I've missed
> something

You're welcome.

> There is, however, an established correlation between corporal punishment
> of children and later criminal behavior.
Gee- I wonder children with anti-social personality disorder (the single most valid predictor of latter criminal activity) might actually elicit more punishment from adults surrounding the mayhem they create? There are also real data on this question.


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