@christopher ("@christopher")
Tue, 25 May 1999 13:11:30 -0400

Question: Is it normal for a P233 with 64MB of ram to take 59' 16" and 17.1 seconds to complete 43.090% of its first data unit?

I've devoted this computer to the SETI@Home project - soon I'll have a P2 350 with 160MB of ram to spare for it also...

I've added myself to the extropian/transhumanism team, but since I haven't even completed my first unit yet, I haven't shown up on the list.

Also: There must be some extropians in NYC somewhere... show yourselves! I've just learned that I'm being hired down there and that I'll be moving. I'll need advice and whatnot as I'm just a 19 year old kid fresh out of college.