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Anders Sandberg (
24 May 1999 16:49:53 +0200

"Chris Fedeli" <> writes:

> So long as the ends of transhumanism continue to overlap
> with those of corporations like Intel, Cisco and the rest,
> we'll all be able to watch comfortably from our balconies,
> doing relatively little as the predictable tides of the
> global economy wash us up on the shores of a singularity or
> two.
> A comforting thought, and probably mostly accurate.

How do you tell? Actually, I think this thought is a bit dangerous because the ends of transhumanism doesn't overlap with the companies above. The *means* does, we all want technology to get better, but Intel haven't the least interest in enhancing human potential. In fact, many of the larger companies are likely more on the stasist side (to borrow Postrel's term) than the dynamist side where we are. Just waiting for transutopia to emerge thanks to Intel, Geron and IBM is a bit too passive, and might leave the initiative to groups working against our ends.

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