Re: Commercials

Michael S. Lorrey (
Sat, 22 May 1999 13:36:50 -0400

I agree with all comments on pro-extropic commercials mentioned. I personally prefer the spots the Sci-Fi channel is running where the characters are saying they want this and that other thing or ability that are all extropic/transhuman concepts, though the Phillips Magnavox and the "I Am." commercials come a close second. Who says corporations don't benefit society? I think the memetic injections these commercials are putting into society are of enormous benefit.

Mike Lorrey

Eddie Sullivan wrote:

> If we're talkin' commercials (admittedly pointless) I gotta go with VW using
> Styx' "Mr Roboto" In the future when we are all bionic men/women my dream is
> that we all will drive VW's...