Re: Extropian Psychotherapy & Supersanity.
Fri, 21 May 1999 03:47:01 EDT

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> Another tool which is perfectly legal, is the use of a
> flotation tank. Although its effects are not nearly as
> powerful as ecstasy, it can substantially help you relax
> your body and focus your mind. I've found it quite useful
> in clearing out daily residue and mental noise.

a what? ::does a search @ dogpile n gets hits for porn sites:: speaking of which, ive gotta fairly mundane little question for yall. what would you say is the best general knowledge search engine? who would you say is the state o' de' art in intelligent search agents, anyway?

"when they take away all they can, that which remains is you" -- kubuki, in david mack's beautiful comic of the same name