Making the Most of What We Have
Wed, 19 May 1999 09:48:02 -0600

Like all transhumanists, I want greater abilities than I have now. I read about, anticipate and even design technologies which will extend my abilities in the future. However, I also realize that the abilities I already have are not being utilized to anywhere near their potential. And while I realize that adding technological layers to myself will extend my abilities in the future, I also realize that I can extend my abilities now through practice and discipline.

For example, I can learn to develop faster and more accurate motor skills as well as greater strength with various kinds of exercise (more on this later). I can learn to be far more efficient in my everyday actions. I can learn to see visual images in greater detail and analyze more fully my constantly changing visual field so that my internal model of my surroundings is more accurate. I can learn to improve my ability to visualize complex three-dimensional models, which comes in handy for engineering and mathematics activities.

Everything I can do, I can learn to do better, and because I am learning to take more full advantage of my current biological abilities, when technological augmentations become available to me, I will be able to take more full advantage of these abilities because I practice the discipline of taking advantage of whatever situation I find myself in.

>From what others have demonstrated throughout human history, the
potential of even non-augmented human beings is incredible, far beyond what ordinary people achieve. It is unnecessarily wasteful to focus on only technological means of extending our abilities when there is so much we could do through our own self-discipline.

One of the advantages of extending your innate abilities is that you can start right now and you don't have to wait for some company to make a product to sell you that may or may not work reliably.

you can do far more than you were raised to believe

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