Enhanced Senses

Tue, 18 May 1999 03:27:06 -0600

Anders wrote:

"What about sonar? I have always wanted to have 360 degree sonar to give a sense of the surroundings. It could even be mapped onto the skin, making the surroundings touch you ("A comfortable little office you have...")."

A fascinating and attractive idea. Because I ride my bicycle on the street often, and because I have frequently been reminded of the fact that large numbers of motorists drive as though I am not there, I have often longed for this ability. But, like always, I must make do with what I have, so I have spent a lot of time developing my sense of hearing and my ability to generate a rough model of my surroundings based on auditory information. Now when I hear cars around me, I have a much better knowledge of where they are, how fast they are moving and which direction they are moving.

Technological augmentation of sensory abilities is certainly exciting, and so is the fuller development and utilization of our existing senses. We are not ready for the new until we can excell with what we already have.


Pay attention to as much as possible;
it is difficult to know ahead of time
what information will be useful later.

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