Effects of Enhanced Senses for Designer Bodies

Natasha Vita-More (natasha@extropic-art.com)
Sun, 16 May 1999 12:19:27 -0500

I'd appreciate extropic comments from anyone interested in enhancing our senses, and what how this will affect our primal instincts, and, thus, advance our insight and intra/interpersonal communications, for example.

What types of brain enhancements might be designed to deal with the relaying of new information gained from enhancing the senses (especially smell and hearing). How will the brain's cognitive capabilities sift through the enhanced information and utilize expanded sensorial capabilities?

What types of intelligent agents will assist us in using enhanced sensorial information to discern our environments more intelligently, and how will this affect our communication skills? Is it important to upgrade the job of the early primitive brain so that it works nicely in conjunction with enhanced senses to give it more spin, and what might be deployed to develop and expanded insight and "gut" feelings from the input from enhanced senses to better understanding of feelings, exploring empathy, insight, to help us make better decisions with more information?

Is 'gut feeling' important in the advancement of ourselves? (Instinct/Intuition)



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