Re: META: Diplomatic Comments

Jocelyn Brown (
Wed, 12 May 1999 07:41:14 -0500

>I'm actually not intending to be offensive by the things I am posting on
>the list. I come off that way sometimes because I like to push peoples'
>buttons especially if there really is no reason for them to be upset
>except for their own psychological insecurities.

> snip snip snip

>My point is that your response is essentially your choice. There is no
>real reason for anyone to be offended who doesn't want to be in the first
>place. In that case, they should thank me for assisting them in the
>emotional experiences they are already seeking in their life, although
>they would most likely find someone else to be offended by, if not me.

And I thought Elsworth Toohey was just a fictional character. Seriously, that is the best Toohey I've read since Rand.

Jocelyn Brown

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