Runaway Intelligence Seeks Outlet
Wed, 12 May 1999 05:06:29 -0600

I've always been an intelligent and curious entity, and I've always been fascinated by most aspects of my world. I've always had a great hunger for learning, which seems to grow the more I learn. As a child, I was always thinking about things and daydreaming. School usually required minimal attention, and I spent the seemingly endless hours at my various desks thinking quietly to myself about all kinds of things and reading, when I could get away with it.

My own intelligence has always been a source of fascination for me, and I have studied it intently, always working to improve on it. I have always believed that humans are capable of anything and that because I am a human, so am I. My most consistent desires in my life have been to become as intelligent as possible, to live in a peaceful, prosperous world and to have others value me as an individual.

I am almost always thinking. Everything is fascinating to me and every experience seems to have so many lessons to teach me. As I've gotten older, my fascination with the world and the amount that I seem to be learning from my ordinary experiences seems to be increasing or at least becoming more meaningful.

My mind seems to be increasingly in brainstorm mode, and a seemingly endless supply of ideas is almost always flowing through my mind. I find it increasingly difficult to do things in conventional ways because I'm always thinking of improvements to and variations on conventional ways of thinking and doing things.

I'm always thinking of inventions and different ways of doing things. 
I'm always thinking of new and more useful ways to think about things. 
I'm always looking for new problems to solve, to keep my mind busy.  The
process never stops (and I don't really want it to).

Basically, I have more ideas than I could possibly use myself. I think of all kinds of inventions and business plans and fun activities, interesting problems, etc. I just love coming up with this stuff, and I can do it all day with little effort.

Because I come up with so many ideas that I think others could benefit from, I have decided it would be worthwhile to give them away in order to further my goal of living in a peaceful prosperous world. To me, that is a good trade. Currently, I want to develop more outlets for sharing my ideas with others. Eventually, I would like to have a website where people could access my ideas and contribute their own.

If anyone could assist me in this endeavor, I would certainly appreciate it. Basically, I want to go public with my ideas so that I and many others can cash in on the investment I have made in my own intelligence throughout my life.

Thank you for your assistance.

Investing in people and helping them acheive is a good way of ensuring high returns.

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