Wilson's "Consilience" (was: Can You Live Forever? Esquire article)

Sun, 9 May 1999 17:17:01 EDT

In a message dated 99-05-09 17:11:37 EDT, jr@shasta.com (J. R. Molloy) wrote:

> Wilson's work on consilience represents a milestone in the unification of

> all the sciences, the social as well as the natural sciences. Highly
> recommended reading, and if any senior members of this list would like to
> open a thread on the subject, I'd joyfully engage it (as a self-evidently
> junior subscriber, of course).

You may want to take a look at a review of "Consilience" I've published in Extropy Online:


where I contrast Wilson's excellent book with Virginia Postrel's "The Future and its Enemies"

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