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08 May 1999 22:09:10 +0200

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> First off i would like to
> now what is the ultimate goal of the post human form.

What is the goal of the human form? I don't think it is useful to talk about the goals of a species, it is much more relevant to look at the goals of the individuals making it up. What would the goals of posthumans be? Likely as varied compared to human goals as human goals are compared to animal goals.

> I hear talk about
> over population, econimic gitchs due to immortality, ect. It seems to me
> that the whole point of becoming post-human is to break the limitaions of
> human restriction; and there have been statements about future issues due
> to transhumanism that are already human issues right now.

History will never end; there will never be a point where all problems are perfectly solved and there is no need for change or alertness. All new abilities will solve some old problems, transform others, and introduce new problems - but I prefer a state with many possibilities rather than a state with many limitations.

> My second q is
> that of the emotion that a human experiences. What is the relevance of an
> emotion in post-human form?

Emotions are modes of thinking, adaptations to the need of acting differently in different situations. Many emotions are fairly useless or destructive in the current or a posthuman setting, but can be changed or refined into something useful (a non-physical threat usually cannot be handled by the instinctive aggressive responses we currently have, a rationality reflex might be much better). But I think the need for modulation of cognition will remain, so our posthuman selves will indeed having emotions.

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