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Wed, 05 May 1999 20:43:56 -0400

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> > > : Desperately looking for anyone who has experience with this strange, FAST
> > > : growing cancer. My wife has had a resection taking part the anus and part of
> > > : the colon,

Here is perhaps another addition to the anti-cancer ammo.

BTW: Thanks, Doug, for your post several months back on using methcobalamin as therapy for alzheimer's.
My mother had been in a long downward spiral for many years and had reached the point at which she just sat and stared.
I figured, what did she have to lose, talked her Doc into writing an order for that and some high powered antioxidants. The methcobalamin was hard to get, but its not expensive, unlike the prescription meds we tried previously. (Not very effective) She has been improving ever since. She's much more alert, cheerful, seems to enjoy life again.
Although she probably lost a large amount of her past, who knows, that may return also. At least we are able to hold a conversation with her now and she seems to be able to make some new memories.