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Gina Miller (
Mon, 03 May 1999 22:39:17 PDT

I write poetry, and I wouldn't put it in any type of public eyesight without a copyright, this ensures the security of my work. No other party can claim it to be theirs, at least not for 70 years or so. This is a measure that does hold up in court, if someone else tags their name to a work of poetry I created, a copyright proves it. If this is "arguable because we don't protect markets in other things", then get on it, don't try to demean what's authors have, it's a needed tool. It is for my protection, not the government.
Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

> > How is a copyright theft by state grant? I view it as a 'brand"
> > to identify one's property
> > EvMick

>Copyright is different--by claiming a copyright to a piece of
>information, the government is aiding you in enforcing a monopoly
>on /all copies/ of that information produced by anyone--even
>those that can be used by many people without interference. My
>use of a book does not interfere with yours or anyone's. If I
>make copies of it, I do not diminish anyone else's use, but I do
>compete with the author's market. Our government has decided
>that protecting the market for authors and inventors is worth
>granting this monopoly--that is certainly arguable, because we
>do not generally protect markets in other things.
>Lee Daniel Crocker <> <any purpose, without permission,
>attribution, or notification."--LDC

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