How To Start A Money-Making Advertising Specialty Business
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How To Start A Profitable Advertising Specialty Business

Advertising specialties are small items like book matches, pens or key chains that can be imprinted with a company, logo or slogan.

They are deductible advertising and usually given away to promote the business whose name is inscribed on them. There is almost no limit to products that can be used as advertising specialties. They can be anything the client company can afford, your sponsoring company can imprint and the customer will use.

The ideal item is useful, costs comparatively little and keeps your clients' business name in front of the customer as long as possible.

Advertising Specialties is an ideal business to operate from home. You can market them on a route, by mail, through advertisements, by phone appointments or by personal contact.

There are two main objectives in establishing yourself in this business.

The first is to let people know who you are, what you handle and where they can get hold of you.

Second, convince them that you can help them promote their business. Your experience and advertising knowledge level will increase constantly. In turn, your expanding capability will equip you to offer even better advice and more timely suggestions.

Your customers are busy business people who want to get the most of their advertising dollar and are not particularly knowledgeable in this area. As soon as your customers realize they can rely on your advice your success will be assured!

Advertising specialties include place mats, school football and baseball schedules, calendars and plastic windshield scrapers, which lend themselves well to thee seasons. These give you a good opportunity to make timely and realistic suggestions to your customers.

How do you make money doing this?

Here's a simple, PROVEN way to do it...

So, when your insurance comes up for renewal -- explain to your agent that you're in the 'specialty ad' business and you'd be glad to renew your policies IF he/she is good enough to place an order for (calendars, matches, golf balls, pens etc.
-- whatever he/she might use anyway -- no extra cost)... and if
your agent does not want to reciprocate, then renew your coverage with another agent who will.

And, what about the pharmacy that fills your RX, the gas station, the cleaners, etc. You've probably got 20 customers (easily) that you're spending money with right now who are prospects for advertising specialties.

This Is Easy Money! It's Fun and Lucrative!

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