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AHA! I Remembered....the book's name is "All In the Mind" by Ian Wilson...I knew it was in there!

dave gobel

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> I have been intrigued by this subject in the past and have intended to
> pursue analysis of Neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield's experiences with
> subjects undergoing brain surgery...apparrently, while such individuals
> undergoing surgery they experienced TOTAL recall of rather unremarkable
> events in their lives...such as "being in the kitchen washing the dishes
> while my husband is on the phone...he is saying "" (what follows is a
> verbatim repeat of the conversation about unimportant matters).
> Penfield was so shocked by this occurrence that he made it a subject of
> considerable investigation during his career. I think we might be getting
> close to a time when our brain scanning technology could take a renewed
> at this phenomenon.
> Further investigation for extropian readers is the book "of two minds" by
> Dr. Fredric Schiffer.
> who makes a convincing argument for each person having at least two
> "personnas" living one each in each cortical hemisphere...(I've always
> this way, but have been of two minds on the subject :-)
> Finally, for the really adventurous...look into a book which takes a
> forensic approach to hypnotism, prior life experiences, and multiple
> personality disorder...very provacative, and extremely well
> researched...makes the point that it appears that the human mind
> complete memories and personalities out of the rich fabric of 100%
> completely stored memories not consciously recalled or available. And
> the REALLY interesting thing...I can't remember either the title or the
> Author's full name...first name I think was IAN.
> Thesis: The stuff is in which
> gives/restores conscious access to everything ever experienced/learned in
> on demand non-destructive/intrusive fashion.
> what would you pay for a pill to give you this?
> I would pay $50,000 today
> cheers
> dave g
> p.s. If I do "remember" the author's name, I'll pass it along