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Gina Miller (
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 01:01:07 PDT

Here is the California law, called the natural death act. This is what I was given by the California code of law search engine. It seems to recognize this purpose for patients in a medical facility with strict regulation for procedures of deciding to terminate ones life. (Validation by a certain quota of Dr.s etc.)

Any other documents I discovered were too graphic for me to read fully.

Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

>Gina Miller wrote:
>> What local paper did you read this in Spike? I've been looking
>> in Major California news papers and can not find a thing....
>San Jose Mercury News. Only read the first few lines. I believe it
>was Tuesday's paper, but now not sure. Jeff Davis are you out there?
>Can you help me out? Any other cryonicists? spike
>> >I saw in the local news that California had passed a new
>> >law making it legal to do physician assisted suicide. Does
>> >anyone know the details? Does this cover the medic if
>> >the patient wants to be frozen? I understand the law makes
>> >it a felony to coerce someone into suicide. Does this threaten
>> >those who would introduce, or perhaps recommend,
>> >cryonics to a terminal patient?
>> >
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