Re: META: Spammer terminated

Christian Weisgerber (
27 Apr 1999 03:32:19 +0200

Danny Yavuzkurt <> wrote:

> And please.. someone restrict the list posting to members of the list!

I wouldn't have any quibble with that wording, however, I suspect you might really mean to restrict posting to *addresses* subscribed to the list, which is an entirely different thing.

> What possible reason could there be for allowing unrestricted posting?...

Legitimate subscribers who post from behind mail/news gateways or have several mail addresses and would prefer to be able to submit messages from all of them?

This can be solved with an additional contributors list (trivial to set up with Majordomo, don't know about other list engines), although from my limited experience in running such a set-up it still catches many more inattentive subscribers than spammers. Simply limiting posting rights to subscribed addresses, as practiced by some lists, is certainly ill-conceived.

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