Re: MEDIA: Extropian Memes in Mass Media
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 08:50:04 -0700 (James Ganong) writes:
> The May issue of Esquire has a 12 page
> special on the increasing likelihood of physical immortality. It states
> that a 40
> year old of today has a pretty good chance of catching the wave. The
> article references Kurzweil, a few of the headline grabbing biotech
> breakthroughs (including a claim of human cloning in S Korea in
> December 98--familiar to anyone?)

Someone else mentioned this "human cloning" as well. See for a skeptical report from February 9 of this year:

: Serious doubt has been cast on the claim of the first cloned human embryo,
: made by Korean scientists last December.
: The Korean Medical Association has produced a 10-page report which
: suggests that the cloning may not have been properly carried out. It
: even suggests that it may not have been done at all.