Re: Einstein's Brain on the internet

Spike Jones (
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 20:31:41 -0700

> writes: ...this list was the perfect place to share my
> ideas
> > with others who may wish to try them out and give me some feedback.
> > Eventually, I want to publish my ideas more widely, but, of course, I do
> > need to get them written down first...

It is possible that extropians, or other internet group, is the *best* way to permanently record ideas, for they then are recorded in a form which can be stored and later searched. Books are already getting relatively useless now for we cannot efficiently access the information therein.

Also, has not our attitude towards books changed radically in the last 10 yrs? All of us? Do we not view information itself much differently now than in 1990, before the www? Do you spend more time in the library now than you did then, or less? Thought so. Me too. Do you spend more time or less on your computer now than 10 yrs ago? Me too. spike