POL: Australia Internet Law

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (sentience@pobox.com)
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 15:34:37 -0500

Australian Extropians take note!


> Please sign this petition to help
> fight against unnecessary
> Internet content regulation by the
> Australian government!
> Signatures to date: 6503
> This petition will be presented to the Australian Senate during 1999. (The
> Clerk of the Senate approved the presentation of "electronic petitions" in
> 1997). Organisations supporting the petition are listed below. You can help
> support the campaign by placing the petition logo on your Web page. Follow
> these instructions to learn how.
> EFA calls upon the Internet community to rally against the proposals, which
> include:
> a ban on X-rated content (non-violent erotica) online, despite it being
> legal offline
> use of Film guidelines to classify Internet content, making many
> books Unrestricted in print illegal online
> a requirement for ISPs to block X- and RC-rated content from
> overseas
> a requirement for adult verification systems on Australian R-rated
> content

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