Re: Laser as Reactionless Propulsion/Wormhole

Anders Sandberg (
24 Apr 1999 19:04:52 +0200

"Gina Miller" <> writes:

> Anything placed inside of a worm hole, the excessive gravitational
> pull of the black hole would rip apart long before it passed through
> either a wormhole or a white hole.

Please don't mix up the holes, they are very different. A stable traversible wormhole is a possible solution of GR (assuming some weird matter fields) and would have a very different topology from black holes and white holes.

> We can't even really discover
> whether either phenomenon exists!

Actually, black holes seem to have moved out from the "weird possibility" category among astrophysicist and into the "odd object" category. I get the impression that the confidence in the data supporting their existence is rather high these days.

Wormholes are still in the theoretical physics toybox. The Topological Censorship Theorem seems to limit them, unless we can find a way to mess up the null energy condition :-)

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