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> Jocelyn Brown wrote:
> > Of course, once we get to the point where we can use technology to
> > change our gender predispositions, all bets are off. I just know that both
> > genders have skills that are necessary, and I don't know how likely it would
> > be that on average one person could have both sets, since they both involve
> > characteristics that I don't think would mesh well together. Of course, who
> > knows what a transhuman could accomplish?
> What would really be cool is if we could change genders *temporarily* and
> easily. Would not we all become more insightful beings? We could
> create enough marital harmony that marriage half lives would exceed a
> century, if only, at the impasse of any argument, the couple could both
> temporarily switch gender. I would not wish to *stay* the opposite
> sex, but there is little I would not give to be able to walk a kilometer
> in their mocassins. spike
In my poinion, gender impotence can be cured by choosing the gender identity you desire and attending mannerism classes...what's that? Oh, gender imPORTANCE! Sorry; Never Mind! (heehee)