Re: MMPI? was Re: Gender importance (was Future Relationships)

Scott Badger (
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 21:42:20 -0500

Michael M. Butler <> wrote:

> FWIW, I remember that test being called the MMPI, not MMPT. Inventory, not
> Test.
> Don't know what they call it nowadays. I do know that for a very long time
> its norms were rooted in 1953 USA. Good or bad, that was the diagnostic
> milieu in which the original Inventory was developed. Any guess what the
> DSM was like in 1953? :)
> >I was issued that particular test along with the all-too-obligatory MMPT
> >for the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Test and see what you come up
> >with -- that's my best advice.
> >
> >Jocelyn Brown

Well, the worst DSM-III boner (pun intended) was classifying homosexuality as a mental disorder. That has, of course, been corrected. In addition, the MMPI has been revised (MMPI-II) and better norms have been established.

The MMPI scale Jocelyn is referring to was less revealing in terms of sex-role identities.