Re: Laser as Reactionless Propulsion

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Wed, 21 Apr 1999 02:15:54 -0400

Picture this, they have shown in the laboratory, supposedly, that electrons or atoms can be teleported. Then again, they had "cold fusion" ten years ago.

Anyways, as soon as we get past the barriers of space-time in a similar manner as teleportation, we could teleport mass for energy rendering, probably a long time before something like that would be safe for yourself or a houseplant. wrote:

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> > The most efficient means to power a laser, or, anything, is
> > matter-to-energy transformation. Again, this is barring
> > extra-dimensional sources of power.
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> What's extra-dimensional? (phasors on stun scottie?)
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When I say extra-dimensional, I mean representing elements of dimensions beyond those we encounter comprehensibly every day, one through four. One, two, and three dimensions are x, y, and z, and four is time.

Theoretically, no matter where in space-time, there is an infinite number of higher dimensions. So, at an arbitrary coordinate of (0,0,0), at arbitrary time 0, there is a fifth dimension ranging from -oo to oo, where oo is scalar infinity, and that coordinate in space-time might be at any coordinate in the fifth dimension. etcetera. This could mean that there are an infinite number of alternate space-times for each point in space-time.

I write this and feel it is true, intuitively, but have no proof, and the system is ill-defined.

Alternately, there is only one space, and for that matter, only one point in time, now. I believe this is not the case.

Once this system is better defined, and we have developed tools to interact with and work with it, then a large variety of "special effects" will be able to be tapped.


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