Re: LIST: the Gooies

Our Lady of Paradox (
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 02:38:52 -0400

>If there were predatory submarines, then there would indeed be
>submarine-eating denizens of the deep, i.e. other submarines. They would
>eat each other. They would also be subject to attack by smaller a-life
>creatures. Microscopic a-life creatures ("goo") would be more interested
>in attacking submarines than in attacking us. In other words, the submarine
>population would be kept in check just like the population of any other
>organism is kept in check.

Forgive me if I'm not quite as knowledgable on this subject, but are you saying that everything that is predatory has a predator, even if it is members of its own kind? I can think of several examples of species that have no natural predators: sharks, tigers, and man being on the list. And in these species, inter-species predation is statistically rare. Furthermore, it was my impression that the creatures composing the "goo" were after carbon compounds in order to replicate...why would they prefer a metal submarine to carbon-filled life forms like you and I?

Your comment about corporations as a-life is interesting, but I fail to see why it has any effect on the matter at hand. Yes, it is a problem that merits attention. It of course does not, however, lessen the potential seriousness of the problem being discussed.

Eileen C. Krasowski

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