RE: ethical problem? Some kind of problem, anyway...

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 15:29:47 +1000

aargghh, I don't think I'll get to use cryonics because I'm getting cremated here.

I didn't express myself overly well, sorry for wasting everyone's time.

What I meant was that, psychologically, cryonics feels like arranging your own funeral. I support using cryonics, I think its a good last option, but to actually address it in your life must be like arranging your own burial site.

Or is it like getting life insurance?


ps: If I become transhuman, can I get a transdoggy?

>From: Scott Badger[]

>"It's not suprising that you don't sign up for cryonics - I wonder if
>anyone on this list actually has? It's like setting up your gravesite.
>While many people actually do buy plots of land, etc, just for that
>purpose, I'd be VERY suprised if people on this list are amongst their

^^^^ just here, I meant that I would be suprised if anyone on the list had arranged their burial site, not cryonics.
>No-one here is overly interested in dying, when it comes down to it, and
>cryonics is about dying+hope."
>Yes, Emlyn. Be surprised. Be very surprised. There are a number of
>individuals signed up for cryonic suspension because they believe it is a
>highly rational option. I fail to appreciate your analogies. It is *not*
>like buying a plot of ground in which I will decay and be irreversibly lost,
>and cryonics is not about dying+hope. Cryonicists do not believe that a
>person is truly dead until the structure of the brain is irreversibly
>degraded. For us, the choice is unbelieveably simple: die and rot or be
>frozen and wait for technology to reanimate you. If something happens to
>prevent your reanimation (you're accidently defrosted), what exactly have
>you lost? I recommend you read a bit more on the subject by perusing the
>web sites of cryonics firms, and the archives of the Cryonet mailing list.
>One last comment re:
>"We will drag this planet, kicking and screaming, into the stark and
>unknowable future... We will do it before our parents die of old age."
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