Re: A 50,000-year time capsule in space...

Michael S. Lorrey (
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 00:38:24 -0400

James Rogers wrote:
> Normal production CDs have an aluminum recording surface. The aluminum
> slowly oxidizes, either by exposure to atmospheric oxygen (it leaks in
> along the exposed edges), or from very slow oxidation reactions with the
> surrounding media.

Actually, I may have a good low cost solution. The reason the aluminum degrades is because it is so thin. Ruger has perfected a method of investment casting an aluminum/aluminum oxide matrix material which is harder than titanium and is as resistant to oxidation as gemstone (aluminum oxide is ruby or sapphire?). They are using this material for their soon to be released line of golf club driver heads.

Cast disks or cards or this material and burn it with either a laser or electron beam for a long lasting media.

Mike Lorrey