Re: Soul - Prove/Disprove?

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Subject: Soul - Prove/Disprove?

> I have a few questions :
> 1> Does anyone know of a way (ethical or unethical - I'm asking
>purely for knowledge) to "test" and "prove" whether or not
> there is an existance of a soul that "attaches" to the human body

I consider the question of whether we have "soul" to be a reworded version of the consciousness debate. Is consciousness some uncomputable characteristic of our brains or is it just self-reflexivity within a formal system? If the answer is the former then we can begin to entertain notions of a "soul" (though there is no evidence for the former that I'm aware of). If the answer is the latter then consciousness is impenetrable and defeats all attempts to formalize it because of the same reasons Godel showed we can't extract truth from axiomatic systems.

Doug Bailey