Anders, so you like to play "Marvel Superhero's!"

john grigg (
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 06:34:11 PDT


I found it somehow hilarious visualizing in my mind one of the most intelligent individuals I know of playing the "Marvel Superhero's" role-playing game! Even in my highschool the game was scoffed at for being crudely simple in design, nothing compared to "Champions" or "DC Hero's". But I still loved that game! I am to this day a huge Marvel and X-Men fan, and the simple game mechanics were fine by me.

I remember creating my characters for my game and wishing that I could have personal attributes and powers like they had. I think moments like those put me on the road toward extropianism.

It's cool to me that you were able to take an old game like that and use it in a way to put new life in it. I bet your a fun gamemaster to have run a campaign. It has been years since I played an rpg! The game that is very hot right now in the states is called "Rifts". I love to pour over the supplement books for it, soaking in the gorgeous artwork and beautifully designed stories and character classes. Watch out for the Coalition State, I hear they are about to go on the march!

Anyway, I want to say Anders that I love your website. I was amazed my the scale and breadth of it. Maybe if I can make it from Alaska to California this summer for the Extro I could actually meet you in person. My ancestors on my father's side came from Sweden and Norway, though I don't a word in either language, take care!


John Grigg

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