Re: [Re: Positive AI plots]

Anders Sandberg (
13 Apr 1999 09:37:37 +0200

Jake Shannon <> writes:

> I love that game! I haven't played in years, do you play over the net?

We play in physical reality (although a number of my fellow players have started mailing an awful lot). One interesting thing is to note that after playing roleplaying games with each other for over ten years, we have begun to infect each other with views. Half of the gaming group is now active transhumanists.

BTW, the game I mentioned in the "Colonize Atlantis" thread is up and running now. We'll see if it works, but hopefully I will be able to post the setting to the net in a few weeks. To keep this post slightly on-topic, it does feature several positively depicted AIs (ranging from a futurologist AI acting as a researcher/interface to a massive supercomputer to the software rock-band Solid State: "You humans have your evolutionary past as an excuse for your behavior. I haven't got any excuse. Who cares?!").

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