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Mon, 12 Apr 1999 17:04:25 PDT


I saw "Matrix" the other night and totally loved it!! It was one of the best science fiction films that I have ever seen. I was thrilled by the anime style fighting sequences with the incredible leaping and wall smashing punches and throws! Just think, when were all posthuman we could have our own sparring tournament with the same powerful moves as in the movie! Hmmm...what would be a good name for it?

As a boy who grew up without my father because he felt he had better things to do; I loved the Obi-One Kenobi style relationship Morpheus had with Neo. Morpheus believed in him and did is best to train him for future challenges.

I have read the various criticisms listed in the digest. I think that if the writers had taken everyone of them into consideration that the movie would have lasted only five minutes with the A.I.'s winning hands down!! For the sake of dramatic license and structure you have to suspend the element of disbelief.

I believe that the reason the A.I.'s may have used humans as a power source was to simply degrade their former masters. Couldn't even a cybernetic intelligence be insane? the mind-boggling vista of gigantic virus-like machines harvesting human infants from their "fields" made the whole audience I saw the film with gasp!

The reason the A.I.'s may have built the matrix was because there was some residual original programming in them to "oversee" the human race. And so they did in their own twisted way.

This film could be seen on several different levels. One would be to realize how even in the "mundane" world we assume we live in that our culture has socialized or perhaps even programmed us to believe and act in certain ways.

Well, these are just some of my thoughts inspired by the film and digest comments about it. Take care everyone!


John Grigg

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