Gadget:Electrolysis Unit
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 20:05:31 EDT

I just recently spent a few hours with my Dad (retired) at a lake in texas. He had his travel trailer and I drove up in my semi.

It's a pretty nice Travel Trailer. A pretty much self contained 27 ft. fifth wheel that he pulls with a 3/4 ton pickup. It's complete with cooking and bathing facilities.

Which got me to wondering as I drove along afterwards.

Is it possible to build a small, inexpensive solar powered electrolysis unit tht would take water (say...from his holding tank) split the water into H2 and O....and store the H2 for use as a cooking gas in his stove, to run his refrigerator...and as fuel for his heater.

Could such a unit be built inexpensively enough such that it would make sense to purchase it as opposed to the propane which he currently uses...(a little over a dollar a gallon....dual seven gallon tanks being good for not quiet a month....) if THAT is possible...what about a Hydrogen fueled..fuel cell powered semi?

Ft. Worth Texas