Re: The Matrix Oracle
Sat, 10 Apr 1999 13:09:37 EDT

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> One thing that interested me about the Oracle was that she was wrong about
> Neo being The One (and ONLY that).

Actually, if you remember right after Neo saves Trinity from her falling helicopter, Morpheus asks Trinity believes if Neo is the one. Neo says that the Oracle told him he was not the one, to which Morpheus replies that the oracle told him what "he needed to hear". This , I think, ties back into what Morpheus continually told Neo when they were sparring. "Don't try to hit me, just hit me". And " DOn't think "x", just do "x"". He needed to prove to himself what (or who) he was. And, in some way, the oracle telling him he was the one would not have let him do that (probably having something to do with freeing his mind)