Re: AI: If You're Lonely, Try Chatterbots

Dan Fabulich (
Fri, 09 Apr 1999 01:48:21 -0400

At 01:19 PM 4/9/99 +0000, Damien Broderick wrote:
>At 03:24 PM 8/04/99 -0400, Mike wrote:
>>> * Alice Nexis ( Richard
>>> Wallace's chatterbot has the evasive style of a politician.
>>I just had fun with Alice today. She's a pretty good conversationalis
>I just spoke to Alice. I was disappointed:
>> Does The Matrix kick butt, or what?
>I think it does the matrix kick butt or what

Oh, come on... You asked a really nuanced question.

You used slang, "kick butt," you used a fairly unusual idiom "... or what?" and you referred to The Matrix as a proper noun, which it isn't normally. Given that the chatterbot has no idea what The Matrix is or even what kicking butt is, you pretty much set it up to fail.

Try again, only this time keep your questions simple.

"Is the Matrix a great movie?"