MEDIA: Forthcoming Books from Bear and Egan

Doug Bailey (
Thu, 8 Apr 1999 11:12:02 -0400

Two items: A question and a FYI

  1. Question: Anyone know if Egan's novella _Oceanic_ has been released? does not show it as a separate title. Was it part of a compilation?
  2. Greg Egan's new book entitled _Teranesia_ is slated to be released in October 1999. You can pre-order a copy at:

According to Egan, the book is about "evolution, the Indian Rationalists Association, the breakup of Indonesia, quantum mechanics, and sex." Additionally, Greg Bear's new book, _Darwin's Radio_ is due out May 1999 (UK)/September 1999 (US). Bear stated the book contains "a new and startling take on human evolution. No aliens, no mutations, just sex and reproduction-- on a species level." Bear also stated there was a lot of Hollywood interest in the initial outline of the book. Maybe Egan should pitch _Permutation City_ in the wake of _The Matrix_.

Doug Bailey