Re: melissa and her daughters

Spike Jones (
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 23:04:40 -0700

> (Spike Jones) writes:
> ... was that our computers were
> >melissa-ed and the network was down all week.
> Peter C. McCluskey wrote:
> It's nice to hear that a company involved in our defense has reliable
> systems.

{8^D Actually, they took down the network as a precautionary measure. In any big company it takes a while to check all the systems.

> Yes, they could have inconvenienced those who want to use macros.
> They probably assume that more users would get annoyed at them if they
> did that.

Yes, a few perhaps, but the whole melissa thing (which by the way is just starting) could have easily been prevented. My Microsoft annoyance needle is already pegged. Somewhere I should mention that I use MS products almost continuously, every day at work. Ive been an excel user for over 12 yrs, automating many processes using macros. But MS word macros I have found not particularly useful. But they *are* dangerous, in their present form. I do hope Bill risks a few annoyed users. Anyone who has ever used Powerpoint for Mac can define the term annoyance. spike