extropians: Re: Nanotech has gone mainstream

Re: Nanotech has gone mainstream

Gina Miller (echoz@hotmail.com)
Mon, 05 Apr 1999 11:52:56 PDT

Drexler is not a character as described. He does not go around "thumbing his nose" at others in the arena. As a matter of fact from some of these responses, I'd say it's the other way around. Does anyone here know him personally. He is not a downlooker.
Gina "nanogirl" Miller

>Peter McCluskey wrote:
>> He [Drexler] thumbs his nose at traditional ways of financing basic
>scientific research.
>> He predicts that nanotech is important enough to make the research
>>the average scientist is engaged in insignificant, so people who don't
>>substantially adopt his viewpoint as a guide for what to research
>>see his vision as a threat to their prestige or funding.
>That makes sense. Too many prima donnas in the scientific
>they would rather try unsucsessfully to blaze their own paths to glory
>to latch on to another scientist's programme.
>This also explains why the Japanese have focused so much more
effectively on
>nanotech then us. Their willingness to line up behind a visionary
>even a foreign luminary, has paid dividends for them in the past
>Demming?). I'll put my long term money with Nippon Nano.

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