Re: "singularity" appropriated by paranoia TV?

Lee March (
Sun, 04 Apr 1999 23:45:59 -0400


> This suggests the inevitability of the appropriation of whatever
> terminology is used in Extropian discussions (particularly once
> it has become somewhat more widely-known and trendy, perhaps by
> having been mentioned in "Wired" magazine or discussed on ZDTV),
> by whatever passes for sci-fi in the minds of Hollywood movie
> and TV producers (which, at the moment, seems to cater strongly to
> UFO cultists, conspiracy theorists, and other paranoids).
> The term "matrix", used by William Gibson in _Neuromancer_ simply
> to refer to the "user interface" between a human and cyberspace,
> is similarly appropriated by the recent movie of the same title.

You think the concept and/or term sigularity was started by extropians?