Re: META: Knowledge Sharing

Michael Lorrey (
Sat, 03 Apr 1999 12:00:55 -0500

The Phantom Nanotek Acheros wrote:

> Anders Sandberg raised a great point. We need to share our knowledge. If
> someone asks a sincere question then it should be answered, either on or
> off list. The kind of hostility that Michael Lorrey showed is not what
> transhumanism is about or the way most people on this list act.

I have on numerous occasions defended the same position that Anders did. Interesting that you choose to ignore those posts. I do think that there is a definite lower limit to the type of questions we tolerate being peppered with. Dumb questions like 'why is the sky blue' or 'why is water wet?' or anything in that milieu are not fit for the list, and the posters either need to use existing references that are freely available or ask people in private or elsewhere. Don't waste my time and money with your laziness.

> Contrasting Michael Lorrey with the regular Extropian list member is in
> order. Reviewing Michael's post for the last few months I noticed he
> never asked a question. I also noticed he has an opinion on basically
> everything. Finally, I noticed that he should ask more questions because
> much of what he has posted is little more than polemic or rhetoric.
> There is plenty of that type of 'discussion' in the newsgroups. Let us
> keep it there.

I don't ask many questions of the list (I do ask some, rarely) for the following reasons:

  1. I have been on the list for over two years, and on the transhumanist list for two years before that.
  2. I get a very decent stream of new information from the list that is posted by people like Anders, and others, the science posts, etc. It is usually informative, and if I have any questions about the science or whatever about those posts, I will find the originators of the information and ask them. I won't waste the time of the middlemen who usually don't know any more than they passed along.
  3. I follow my own advice and ask people questions in private, so that I don't clog the mail boxes of 300 other people with questions they have no ability, time, or desire to engage in.

Moreover I resent your claim that all I post is 'polemic and rhetoric'. I have posted quite a bit of discussion on space development and cosmological topics, I have bent over backwards to answer many basic questions that newbies have (far mor than you Mr Archeros) and have posted verified science on topics regarding gun use. My 'rhetoric' as you call it is merely calling the other side's bluff. That you are positioned on the other side of the argument in that case and don't like it and have to hide behind a cloak of anonymity as Mr. Archeros indicates you are in a bit of denial.

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