Re: Is Medicine Healthy?

Robin Hanson (
Fri, 02 Apr 1999 16:46:00 -0800

Someone privately asked me for references re my last message.

Supporting cites:

Antibiotics little mortality effect AER 84(3)369-95 Jun94 Randomized health insure experiment AER 77(3):251-77 Jun87 Regional variations in spend at end

Regional variations in spend         NEJM 328(9):621-8 4Mar93
We can see other effects             JAMA 279(21):1703-8 3Jun98

"Why are some people healthy and others not?" Evans et al 94

Contrary cites I'm not impressed by (I could explain why):

AER 88(2)132-6. (now QJE 113(4):991-4 Nov98) JAMA 277(7):535-42 19Feb97 (see critique JAMA 227(24):1931-4 25Jun97)

AER = American Economic Review, NEJM = New England Journal of Med. JAMA = Journal of American Medical Association

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