Re: Disinformation site dossier

From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 08:52:30 MDT

fredagen den 25 maj 2001 16:28 Randy Smith wrote:
> >
> A forum exists, say you?
> Let's have at them, then!
> As support for the battle for Extropian ideals, I offer you all these
> following inspirational quotes (crafted by my ownself) to lead all of you
> Extropians into battle against The Infidel:

Hmm, not to discourage your enthusiasm, but isn't this just the attitude the
dossier disliked about us?

> Ask not what Extropianism can do for you;
> ask what you can do for Extropianism....

Isn't this fundamentally counter to the individualism and humanism of
extropianism? The point is that we mainly want to become transhuman because
it is good for us (and others, hopefully), not because it is some kind of
higher goal?

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