Re: PHYSICS/SPACE: Legitimate time travel proposal

Date: Sat May 19 2001 - 14:24:48 MDT

I am speculating that this purported science could be used to extract
information-only, from the past light cone (minkowski spacetime) and use it
to re-create past people places and things, if so desired. I realize that if
this technology is eventually possible, it might be more attractive to simply
re-create "non-self aware" entities of the past, having the actaul people
there might be more interesting.


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<< Well, the important thing, as I think John De Rivaz pointed out, (and that
no one else has really brought out), is that the implication is that IF this
thing is MINIMALLY workable, then all we really need is for INFORMATION to be
passed down to us from the future through the machine (which would
conceivably happen as soon as the machine is turned on (if it works). Never
mind hopping in the machine as la HG Wells....
That *information* ( minimally nano-encoded? ) from the future could
be...well, I am sure you can all imagine....
Basically, a Bootstrap Scenario would ensue. >>

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