Re: Cluelis Bio Futurists

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 12:08:38 MDT

Anders wrote:
> The implicit assumption was either that humans would either vanish
> somehow or become totally zero-impact, and then evolution would
> continue as usual from the new situation.

This came up in at the Foresight SA meeting last month in the
"Nanotechnology & Space" discussion group. My group had the
problem of "How do you enroll the greens in the development
of space?". The conclusion we came to was that you want to
sell them the idea that we could cheaply get people off the
planet and reduce the footprint of humanity.

But to be logically consistent with their position, you couldn't
have the non-greens go into space leaving the greens behind.
The greens had to go too! So we figured that we would terraform
Venus (no natural ecology there that we know of) and let
all the greens live there and occupy a huge VR of the Earth
where all of the inputs are pseudo-real based on large numbers
of micro-cameras left on Earth.

I doubt that scenario is one that is going to appeal to most
of the greens however.


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