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A few quotes from the NYT article:

"....Representative Goodlatte was more optimistic about chances for a
bill [banning Internet gambling], saying that governments that are
losing lottery revenue to the Internet might support a ban, giving his
side a new ally...."

A suprisingly honest admission.

"....[Nevada] Senator John R. Ensign, a freshman Republican Senator who
for the Goodlatte bill in the last Congress when he was in the House,
said he now had reservations. He said he still found Internet
gambling to be an "unhealthy form of gambling...."

As opposed, I suppose, to the wholesome, healthy fun of sitting on your
butt for 36 hours in a windowless room, feeding quarters into the slots,
smoking stogies, and drinkin' whiskey.

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Subject: Some Las Vegas Casinos Now Favor Internet Gambling (was
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At 4:37 AM -0700 on 5/17/01, GigaLaw.com wrote:

> Some Las Vegas Casinos Now Favor Internet Gambling
> In a sharp reversal, several of Las Vegas's most powerful casinos no
> longer want to ban Internet gambling, and some are starting Web sites and
> exploring technology that could eventually offer wagering in homes,
> offices or anywhere there is a computer wired into cyberspace. The policy
> change is reverberating through Nevada and Washington, where some casino
> companies are gearing up to oppose legislation they once embraced that
> would explicitly ban Internet gambling and force Internet companies to
> block access to illegal sites.
> Read the article: The New York Times @
> http://www.nytimes.com/2001/05/17/technology/17GAMB.html
> Further reading on GigaLaw.com: Regulation of Internet Gambling in
> the United States @
> http://www.gigalaw.com/articles/kubiszyn-2000-09-p1.html

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