Re: [Fwd: FC: Scientology online critic flees to Canada, seeks asylum]

Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 09:10:27 MDT

torsdagen den 17 maj 2001 16:02 Harvey Newstrom wrote:

> I agree with your other statements that this will never work. The Canadian

> government is not going to try to intervene to overthrow his U.S.

> conviction and protect a U.S. citizen from its own government.

Granting asylum doesn't involve any attempt to overthrow a
conviction. It's more of an acknowledgement that the conviction
won't be overthrown even though it is unjust. Canada may not be
a good choice, because they're less protective of free speech than
the US, but they would grant asylum if they thought the conviction
or the punishment was inappropriate. In reverse, I'm sure that
an Anglophone Quebecker could get asylum in the US from the Quebec
Francophone laws if he were facing serious jail time (speaking
hypothetically; I don't think the laws prescribe that.)

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