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Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 10:14:26 MDT

At 11:15 AM 15/05/01, you wrote:
>I FINALLY got my set-up at home rigged to record and convert to mp3. I've
>put my music offered for the compilation you're doing at:
>Let me know if you can access this or if it needs any further technical work
>(the aesthetics are another matter . . .)

Ah, wonderful! I truly cannot wait to hear it! It looks like the
Extroversions CD may have to be an "EP" for various reasons, but I will
still make sure it is released at the conference. I have been chomping at
the bit to record my latest composition (aptly titled "Shaping Things to
Come"), but my computer has decided to freeze each time I try to run Cubase
or Cakewalk, my composition programs. I will probably purchase a second
hand computer tomorrow, though, which should logically alleviate the problem.

"Molecular Funk" has got to be one of the best titles I have heard in
years. One of my compositions-in-progress is called "Nebula Oblongata."

I'll let you know which selection(s) I choose after I listen to them all.


                                                                 -E. Shaun

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