Re: Fuel Cell House, was Re: TECH: fuel cell car

From: Robert Coyote (
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 18:41:34 MDT

I apologize for not being complete in my earlier statement

I meant to ask, what about electronic SENSOR chips standardized, cheaply
mass produced, and mandatory by law, like smoke detectors or Co2 detectors
that would detect "sniff" a unique chemical dopiant, that would not be
deterious to the fuel apparatus, this would not be a mercap*, but something

Robert Coyote wrote:
> Ok so if it is organoleptically detectable in ridiculously low
> concentrations, then what about not using human noses, what about
> sniffer chips standardised, cheaply mass produced, and manditory by law,
> like smoke detectors?

I don't know any cheap mass-produced sensors which have an odour
threshold of:

Odor Threshold: Ethanethiol=0.2 ppb, isopropyl mercaptan=0.024 ppb TBM=0.008

This is mindbogglingly low. Even while we're not canines, our rhinoequipment
is quite impressive.

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