Re: Professor set to 'control' wife by cyborg implant

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Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 18:15:17 MDT

J Corbally enriched the signal by noting,
> I've read his book "In the Mind of the Machine". He accepts that AI is
> coming, but doesn't think humans will survive it. He doesn't buy into the
> uploading or "machine enhanced human" scenarios.

Couldn't find "In the Mind of the Machine" at Amazon or BN, but google worked
"It is surprising how humans, for the most part, appear to accept as a basic
principle that they are the superior beings on Earth, that is how it is now
and that is how it always will be . . . This is clearly wishful thinking on
the part of humans." --Kevin Warwick
"The human race, as we know it, is very likely in its end game; our period of
dominance on Earth is about to be terminated. We can try and reason and
bargain with the machines which take over, but why should they listen when
they are far more intelligent than we are? All we should expect is that we
humans are treated by the machines in the same way that we now treat other
animals, as slave workers, energy producers or curiosities in zoos. We must
obey their wishes and live only to serve all our lives, what there is of them,
under the control of machines."

At I found these titles by Warwick:
*Failsafe Control Systems : Applications and Emergency Management
by Kevin Warwick, Ming T. Tham
*Robotics : Applied Mathematics and Computational Aspects (The Institute of
Mathematics and Its Applications Conference Series, New Series No 41)
*Control Systems : An Introduction (Prentice Hall International Series in
Systems and Control Engineering)
*Computer-Intensive Methods in Control and Signal Processing : The Curse of
*Implementation of Self Tuning Controller (Control Engineering Series, 35)

and at
*Virtual Reality in Engineering
*Mutual Impact of Computing Power and Control Theory
and a few others...

Warwick has been at this quite a while.

Maybe his chip/human interfacing experiments will soften some of his dire

--J. R.

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