Extro-5: Suggestions for lunch networking facilitation?

From: Max More (max@maxmore.com)
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 09:12:55 MDT


Spike is already gathering info on sushi restaurants near to the conference
hotel -- the San Jose Hilton & Towers. We plan to have in the registration
packets a list of all the nearby restaurants to make it easy for attendees
to find a place for lunch on Saturday and Sunday (and Friday for early
arrivals, and Sunday dinner for those who refuse to go home).

I regard networking as an especially important aspect of this fifth Extro,
so I want to have a list of places to eat and sign-up boards to enable
people more easily to get to know each other or to talk more by arranging
to meet at particular places for lunch.

Apart from having a message board where people can sign up to say that they
will be at particular restaurant, can you suggest ways to help coordinate
people who want to flock together? Much will happen spontaneously, but with
a large group where you can't always easily find someone you want to lunch
with on short notice, some means of connecting up would be helpful. (Maybe
in a couple of years we can hand out a cheap PDA that will let you enter
the people you want to lunch with and the kinds of food you like and the
software will match you up.)

A public board may not work for everyone, as some may want to meet
privately to have a focused lunch discussion. Any suggestions welcome!



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